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Obduction and Offworld Trading Company for free on the Epic Games Store

Obduction and Offworld Trading Company for free on the Epic Games Store

Another week, another promotion on the Epic Games Store. If you don’t have Obduction and Offworld Trading Company in your group, this is the perfect opportunity to change things like that.

2 free games from the Epic Games Store

Weekly gifts in the Epic Games Store come in many different forms. Sometimes there are high-profile AAA titles, other times products of slightly smaller caliber or from independent teams. Often times, we deal with a situation where a store allows its customers to win not two free games.

This time it is similar. Anyone interested can set the Obduction and Offworld Trading Company to their accounts until July 22, 17:00 CEST.

Obduction for free download

Obduction was prepared by Cyan, Inc. This is an adventure game that offers a story and a science fiction world to the players. The main character is mysteriously transported to the other end of the universe and forced to explain the situation and search for a way back. The game was warmly received, with an average score of 76% – both in the media and in the opinions of players, such compliance does not happen often.

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Offworld Trading Company free download

Offworld Trading Company is a product of the Mohawk Games studio (with Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV). It is also rated high, and can boast an average score of 78% in media reviews and 74% in terms of player impressions. Also in this case, the action does not take place on the ground, but the gameplay itself is completely different.

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In terms of mechanics, Offworld Trading Company is an economic strategy. In the creators’ vision, Mars has been colonized, and the world’s major corporations compete for the influence and profits that the Red Planet can provide. The creators envisioned not only a campaign, but also a multiplayer conflict.

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