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ód: The upper road will be extended to the intersection on the A1

ód: The upper road will be extended to the intersection on the A1

The District Council of لودód, has approved the co-financing of the construction of a new section of Trasa Górna – from the intersection with ul. Rzgowska to the Łódź-Górna junction on the A1 motorway. The investment amount is PLN 125.5 million, including co-financing from the European Union – PLN 62.4 million and from the state budget – PLN 12.5 million.

“The ód Provincial Board of Directors has approved the co-financing of the third phase of Trasa Górna. The main contractor of the project, whose full name + construction of entrance to the intersection of the A1 motorway – construction of phase 3 of Trasa Górna +, is ód, and the partner is the city of ód. 125.5 million PLN, cofinancing from the European Regional Development Fund – 62.4 million PLN in addition from the state budget – 12.5 million PLN “- informed the Marshal’s office in Lodz.

The new section of Trasa Górna with a length of just over 7 km will connect the already existing part of the road – from the intersection with ul. Rzgowska – with the Łódź-Górna junction on the A1 motorway. Approximately 5 kilometers of this road is the task of the city of لودód, and the remainder – from the city limits to the A1 junction, in Brójce municipality – is financed by the Regional Roads Authority.

The road will have one lane in each direction. There will be roundabouts at four intersections with the local streets – with the Mujahideen. Nowe Górki, Bronisin, Brójecka, and św. Rafai Kalinovsky. A bike path will also be built. It will plant 300 trees and more than 22 thousand. Bushes.

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“The procedures for financing investments from the Marshal’s office are on the right track. This is a very good sign for us, we can not wait any longer. Next week we want to sign a contract with the contractor in the Lodz section of the new road, the company Strabag “- explained the director of the Board of Directors Municipal Investments in ód Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, MA.

According to the plans, it is assumed that it will take about a month from signing the contract to the company entering the construction site, which means that the first works on the construction of the road will begin in the winter, and it is scheduled to be ready in 2023.

The new road is a long-awaited investment by the residents of ód and the city authorities. The road will allow not only quick and efficient access to the highway, but also serve new investment areas of more than 40 hectares, relieving congestion in the ul. Kolumny, Józefów, al. Bartoshevsky. The first Amazon building with an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters is already operating in these areas. square meters is so important to bring Trasa Górna to A1 that Amazon is eventually planning to open a large distribution center and warehouse here.

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