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Szwajcaria zakazuje whatsappa w wojsku

WhatsApp Banned! The army suggests a better alternative

Switzerland bans the use of WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram in its military. It is very dangerous. However, there is a safe alternative – it’s Threema.

Instead, no one is under the illusion that WhatsApp is a secure messaging program. Owned by Meta (or actually Facebook), the app has only been trying to make such an impression recently. However, it is different when it comes to Signal and Telegram messengers. Both compete to be called the safest option.

Actors of both like to accuse each other. accuse telegram Signal o very willing Cooperation with American services. Instead Signal claims it cable It is not completely independent of Russia As he says. Who is right? Switzerland believes in both.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal are set to fade away. Only Thrima can survive

As reported by (Swiss Radio and Television) The Swiss Army is banned using these instant messengers. No WhastApp, no signal, no Telegram thread. American callers Because they are subject to the law of the cloud.

This law gives US authorities access to data stored on their servers. Although Telegram is officially based in Dubai, it is best to be safe and not sorry.

Does this mean that the Swiss army cannot communicate by any means? They can. specific one. this is threema. she is Swiss software and servers are located only on Swiss soil. Headquartered in the canton of شفwiec, the app is used by 8 million people around the world.

This choice is not surprising – it is the safest option for the Swiss. so what? Time for a massive comeback to GG? Of course, as if he made proper guarantees…

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