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One person was killed in a shooting during the Super Bowl parade

Updated on 01.01 | Published on 2024-02-14 21.27

At least one person was killed and at least 21 others, including several children, were injured in a shooting incident during the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, United States.

– Ross Grandison, director of the Kansas City Rescue Service, said during a press conference: – We have eight people with life-threatening injuries, seven with serious injuries and six others with minor injuries.

Nearly a million people took to the streets of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate the team that won the NFL Finals on Monday.

But Wednesday's ceremony was abruptly cut short when gunfire erupted near the stage where the team's players had been eulogized minutes earlier.

“It was a dark, festive day,” says Mayor Quinton Lucas, who was himself near the scene of the shooting.

– Like many others, I started running when I heard gunshots, he says in a press conference.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear. Many people taken to hospital are believed to have been injured as thousands fled the surrounding area.

Three people were arrested. According to KCTV, two of them were armed.

The shooting took place at the city's central station and in a large parking lot, where many supporters began heading after the celebrations. Local media reported how relative calm immediately turned into panic when they realized there had been gunfire.

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