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Otvarta zapowiada eSIM. A kiedy w Plusie?

Otvarta announces an eSIM. And when are you in Plus?

The Otvart network has made a comeback in recent days. A few days ago, this virtual operator boasted about the full implementation of 5G on Infrastructure Plus, and now it unexpectedly announces… an eSIM.

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Otvarta’s network runs on the Plus infrastructure, so it reports new 5G coverage, in this case also the operator Informed about the opportunities created by Plus. Now, however, Grid announced it all of a sudden intends to implement … eSIM.

However, this is not the end of the operator’s efforts to make the latest technologies and solutions available in its offerings. Utvarta reported that research and development work to launch the new eSIM standard is continuing. The planned availability of this technology is the second half of 2021.

– Otvarta said in a press release.

We don’t know more details yet, but it’s interesting because The eSIM solution is not available in Plus yet. In mid-March, unofficial reports appeared that Plus it works to implement this service, test itIts commercial launch is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. eSIM in Plus will work in all phone models that support this technology, including iPhones, although Plus does not have a partnership agreement with Apple. The eSIM in Plus will be an additional option for the customer besides the standard physical card.

Advertising Implementation of an eSIM in the Otvarta network No doubt, it depends greatly on the work related to the launch of this service in Plus.

With eSIM services for more than two years Orange network customers. In August last year, availability eSIM announced T-MobileHowever, with Magenta, the service is only available to corporate customers. The current number of eSIM users in Poland is unknown, but based on Orange’s previous data, it can be assumed that it is no more than 100,000. Recently, more and more devices have appeared that support this standard, not only smartphones, but also laptops or smart watches, so with subsequent implementations by operators, the popularity of eSIM should increase significantly.

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Image source: editorial office archive

Text source: Otvarta