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Pandora and Flanz surprised their fans with an “unexpected tour”

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songs like arabian nightsAnd the how are you dear, you will miss me a bazaar They have become a part of Mexican Musical CultureIt is passed on from generation to generation, as only those who have grown up know it in the eighties, On apps like TikTok or Instagram, you can see that the youngest of them are also singing those songs.

Women’s groups pancakes s Pandora placed in the hearts of various people, and they fully evoke nostalgia for what they harvested in the eighties, and they have announced that Soon they will embark on a tour joint call An unexpected tour.

to Through your official and personal accounts on social networksFernanda, Mate, and Isabel (Pandora), as well as Mimi and Els (the flan) Share the news that surprised their fans Before the unexpected announcement.

In 2020, Flans celebrated 35 years of his career (Image: Twitter / @raulbrindis).
In 2020, Flans celebrated 35 years of his career (Image: Twitter / @raulbrindis).

Last October, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the three Pandora They celebrated their 35 year career and assured the audience once again that they remain united more than ever. So much so that they introduced three new groups, where you can hear some of their greatest songs like Neither you nor me, my leg s Someone fills my place.

in the same month, pancakes They also celebrated their 35 years of experience on stage, but Without Yvonne Guevara present, Because the singer decided to devote herself entirely to her personal projects. In an interview, Ilse and Mimí said that Guevara García told them he had already completed his course with the group and that he had made a decision. He devotes himself to travel and his cultural project.

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Before the member left, and after more than 30 years together, Mimi and Els Choose to keep the project active They were among the first performers to give a concert in a car in Mexico City after the restrictions imposed in indoor spaces due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A week ago, the Pandora group canceled their tour with Yuri (Image: Instagram @grupopandora).
A week ago, the Pandora group canceled their tour with Yuri (Image: Instagram @grupopandora).

The new round was announced a week later Translators, how are you, my love? He regretted and informed their fans that the concerts they had planned at CDMX Arena, as part of Juntitas CDMX TourAnd the With the singer of Veracruz, Yuri, It was canceled for reasons unrelated to production.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, a refund will be made through e-wallet”, can be read in the statement they provided via the group’s official account on Instagram.

Juntitas Tour kicked off October 6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. They toured various stages in Latin America, and some concerts were held at sold-out venues

Show canceled at CDMX Arena (Photo: screenshot from Instagramgrupopandora).
Show canceled at CDMX Arena (Photo: screenshot from Instagramgrupopandora).

However, The feelings in the fans of Flans and Pandora are already evident in different social networksMany already said they’re ready to sing with the two groups They made pop, latin pop and Mexican music their character in the country And in other parts of the world.

It seems that Meetings are the new strategy for Mexican artists, since tours joined by talents such as concerts and albums have already proven successful. Gloria Trevi With Alejandra Guzman, or the various tours under their titles Megars and Emmanuel or the symbolic union of different groups (eg OV7, Kabah, Sentidos Opuestos, to name a few) with 90 round bob.

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So far, it has not been confirmed the dates or where these two music icons will be shown in Mexico.But they confirmed that in the coming days they will provide more information about the unexpected series of concerts.

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