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Parisa Lillistrand tells the High to go to Hell

The National Union of Swedish Sami wanted to meet Parisa Lillgestrand for a year.

Mosquito bite and Exhausted after mowing chronically wet lawns, I listened to Echo on my way home to the peace and quiet of the big city. The National Union of Swedish Sami requested a meeting with the Minister of Culture and Sami, Parisa Lillistrand. For a year this important organization had wanted to meet with the minister.

An interest organization requesting or requesting access to the responsible minister is a sign of correctness. This is how it works in a free society. Citizens organize themselves and make demands on those who exercise the power that now belongs to us all.

It is something quite different from the ancient diwans of the Middle East where rulers received subjects who had to submit complaints or wishes.

Some may confuse Such a system of democracy and openness. And our king did just that when, in 2004, he praised the Sultan of Brunei for inviting thirty thousand people to his palace once a year.

The subject is at the mercy of the ruler. Invited or not? obedient or not?

In democracy it is the opposite. Here there are no subjects but citizens. Parisa Lillgestrand depends on the good will or hate of the citizens. Which will appear in the next elections.

What is worse than when people approach the ruler one by one with trembling legs to ask for favors is when the ruler calls them without asking.

Like when Stalin called writers and other cultural workers to give their opinions. There were no soothing and pleasant conversations but the full force of declaring personally that you are currently in bliss.

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can change. If it does not stick to your skin.

Vladimir Putin is also presented A Stalinist and kleptocratic regime at the same time summoned opposition journalist Masha Gessen and summoned her to a personal meeting. She was fired from a magazine precisely because she was a dissident and freethinker. And Putin didn’t know that. Often tyrants do not know what is happening in society.

He thought her an obedient editor who did not understand how the system worked, and explained to her that there should be discipline in the journal, “just as there is in the army”.

Masha Gessen is a wonderful journalist and writer. She now lives in the United States.

Same flag.

traffic into the city It flowed unexpectedly well. The only thing that bothered me was the sore shoulders and the itchy mosquito bites.

From Stalin and Putin, ideas moved to Saddam Hussein.

He had his own variation on research subjects. There is a propaganda film in which Saddam sits, dressed almost naked, and listens to an old man of the people raving and talking about various problems. Saddam takes off his disguise. He’s outside listening to the little people! He takes care of himself! Overjoyed, the old man gets up and thanks the prince!

On the highway I set cruise control to 120.

differences between citizens And the topics are many. The examples that came to my mind in the car were all about power setting the terms of conversations and meetings.

This was the basis for the conversation that was so strange with the news regarding Parisa Lilgestrand. The National Union of Swedish Sámi has been requesting a meeting for a year, since Lillistrand took office. In April, the union sent an official request.

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Four months later, Lilligestrand replied that she did not have time. Not all year round. The calendar is fully booked. There is not a single minute to spare.

It’s a new kind of omnipotence that I can’t remember hearing before.

You can go to hell, that is.