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PARP report. Almost 100 percent of Polish companies chose broadband internet الإنترنت

In the 2020 pandemic, the use of digital technologies has played a very important role in business. The rapid flow of information thanks to technologies allows organizations to take immediate action and make key decisions. In 2020, 98.6% decided to access the Internet via broadband. In Poland, 95 per cent. Companies have implemented ICT security measures – according to the “Report on the state of the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland 2021”, prepared by the Polish Enterprise Development Agency.

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In 2020, the most used ICT security measures in Poland were: constant software update and strong password authentication (83.1% and 8%, respectively). Data backups and transfer to other locations were less common (61.3%), while they were less commonly used for identification and authentication (7.1%).

ICT security measures were used most often in large organizations (99.6%), especially in the finance and insurance department (99.5%). In 2020, 28.4 percent of companies that performed a security audit of their corporate information system. It was carried out most often by large entities (70.8%), and least often by small entities (23.7%).

In 2020, 16.6 per cent. Organizations that use in their activities “smart” devices or systems that are connected to each other via the Internet. In terms of size category, these were mostly large entities (39.7%). The most popular way to use the Internet of Things in 2020 was to communicate via sensors that monitor the technical condition of machines, devices and vehicles (12.7%). This type of system was used most often by large companies (30%). Polish companies least use sensor-based systems or RFID tags used to monitor or automate production processes (2.2%).

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The 24th edition of the “Report on the State of the SME Sector in Poland” prepared by the Polish Enterprise Development Agency was based on statistical data prepared by the Central Statistical Office for the report, publicly available data and the results of private PARP research.