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Participant of “Millionaires” does not know what a Ulkaska is! Did you know? [ODPOWIEDŹ] – Super Express

Author: AKBA

The last episode of “Millionaires” before Christmas! In episode 432, the participant had to use a lifeboy to continue playing. He could not cope with the question of a powder! Do you know what it is? See if you can win a million out of “millionaires”!

What a question of “millionaires”! In episode 432 of the cult game show, the participant asked a surprising question. His decision was shocking too! Do you know the correct answer?


A. Replaces the handle

B. It’s an ice pill

C. Sometimes nutmeg

D. It has a sweet taste

This was the question for 40 thousand. Slodis! The participant did not know the answer, so he decided to use the unique Life Boy-swap questions. Let us remind you that the circles that changed the “question for the audience” during the period when game show recordings took place without the participation of the public. Which answer is correct? Of course: D! Do you know what Ulkaska is? It is a wild pear tree with small, green fruits, edible only after it has been laid.

Kevin continues to amaze audiences who are home alone! Hours aired during the holidays

Millionaires – Rules

The rules of the project are simple. There are 12 questions on the way to the million, of which there is a guarantee amount behind the second and seventh question (PLN 1,000 and PLN 40,000). Questions relate to knowledge on a variety of topics – from politics to entertainment. There are 4 answer types for the participant. Only one thing is right. In case of difficulties, the contestant can use three life mats. They are: “Question to Friend”, “Half Half” and “Question to the Audience”.

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Millionaires. Do you know the correct answer to this question?