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Pedro Sola criticized Melissa Barrera’s new “Scream 5” movie

In recent years, the driver has sparked controversy due to his opinions and comments on social media. (Photo: Instagram / @tiopedritosola)

Peter alone He caused controversy on social networks by sharing his opinion on shout 5The new movie of the famous saga. Driver windows to cross out “scullion‘Tape and regret it Melissa Barrera, the Mexican actress, will be part of the cast.

last Thursday On January 13, the new batch of Scream, the horror story that originally appeared on the big screen in the 1990s and has conquered audiences over the years with its mystery. On this occasion, fans will be able to enjoy a performance of Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox Along with Gina Ortega, Dylan Minnette, Mickey Madison and former member of academyMelissa Barrera.

Since the announcement of a new movie for the well-known serial killer, great expectations have arisen within the Mexican audience, mainly because this time a Mexican actress will have the opportunity to show her talent alongside famous American actors as part of the cast and so it happened, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, As one of the supporters.

Melissa Barrera in Scream 5 Photo: Instagram / @melissabarreram
Melissa Barrera in Scream 5 Photo: Instagram / @melissabarreram

After the premiere, he met Pedro Sola at a cinema in Mexico City to enjoy the film and thus support Mexican talent. Two hours later, driver windows He already had his opinion and did not hesitate to share it with his hundreds of followers on his social networks.

The economist explained by profession that he does not like shout 5 With a harsh comment he wrote on Twitter: “I never see horror movies and classic memorable movies, Psychic, Carrie, etc. But today I saw Scream [5] And believe me I never imagined that someone could do such a damn thing.”, he tweeted.

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The presenter explained that at the age of 74 he does not consider himself a fan of films of this genre, but decided to go to watch them as an offer to support Melissa, who also became part of TV Azteca with some melodramas such as Always for you, Acapulco, so much love s quality woman. However, he regretted that the Mexican was part of the audiovisual proposal.

(Screenshot: @pedrosola/Twitter)
(Screenshot: @pedrosola/Twitter)

I feel sorry for Melissa Barrera for coming for her. real horror‘, he concluded his letter.

Pedrito Sola’s criticism was echoed on Twitter, while some users agreed with the presenter, while others asked him to give the franchise another chance. There were also those who highlighted the work Melissa Barrera did in the film and encouraged her to watch it.

In recent years, Pedro Sola has become popular on social networks for his controversial views on various topics. He’s also gone viral because of his accidents and mistakes on TV, as well as countless memes.

Famous band leaders shared their experience on their show "windows" (Image: Twitter)
Celebrity drivers shared their experience on their “Ventaneando” show (Image: Twitter)

Recently, the UNAM graduate economist was embroiled in controversy for admitting that, even a few days ago, he still had not been paid for his dubbing work on the new film by Hotel Transylvania, Which premiered on Friday, January 14th. The actor turned on the show’s show cameras to make his claim.

“They didn’t pay me, Since when did I double it and didn’t get paid? […] who – which They were about to release it in October But this is the distributor who has changed, who has changed and who has changed,” said Pedro Sola, who gives life Van Helsing in a Hotel Transylvania: Transformaía.

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by member windowsThe company that hired him was unable to pay him because the animated film moved from one distributor to another frequently causing delays.

“Pay me already. Of the 50 pesos they were going to give me, it will now be 25 pesos Because of inflation,” he finished and Patricia Chaboye He came out in his defense: “Pedro has already paid.”

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