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Pedronka's highest annual bonus in history.  How much and for whom?

Pedronka’s highest annual bonus in history. How much and for whom?

Biedronka was awarded the highest annual bonus in history. Employees will receive an additional special bonus for working in difficult conditions during the pandemic. We check who can count on the amount before Easter.

Ladybug Before Easter, employees will be given a special annual award. The administration awarded additional funds for “the day-to-day efforts in another year marked by the pandemic and its economic impact.” A group of 55,000 network employees will receive a bonus of PLN 2,800 each as the 2021 EA Soares dos Santos Special Prize.

The award was given to employees of the Pedronka chain, both in stores and in distribution centers and offices, who work in non-management positions. these years The prize money is PLN 300 higher than last yearand thus is the highest in the history of the Pedronka series.

Annual bonus in Pedronka. How much does it cost and who will get it?

Who will get an extra transfer before Christmas? Employees who started work in the Biedronka network under an employment contract no later than 01/04/2021 and were employed on 01/04/2022 are eligible to receive the award.In addition, all their absences in 2021 may not exceed 180 days. Part-time workers who meet the award criteria will receive an amount commensurate with their full-time work. This is an award for lifetime achievement and a key role for teams in the results achieved last year.

In this way, we implement our strategic assumptions to be the preferred employer. The prize will be paid out the week before Easter Saturday, so it can be used in preparation for the holidays

Yaroslav Sobchik, Director of Human Resources and Board Member of the Pedronka Network

From January 1, 2022, more than 60,000 employees of shops and distribution centers in Pedronka received wage increases, for which the chain spent more than PLN 142 million annually. Remuneration for employees has been increased from PLN 200 to PLN 250. Then the Pedronka network accelerated the salary review process and increased the salaries of employees of headquarters, regional offices and the SSC. This increase, in turn, covered almost 3,000 employees, and Pedronka annually allocated more than 20 million PLN for this.

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