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Pensioners will go crazy with joy.  A double-digit indicator of pensions is under preparation

Pensioners will go crazy with joy. A double-digit indicator of pensions is under preparation

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Polish pensioners and pensioners can expect a huge appreciation. The numbers speak for themselves. The massive increase in wages and the expected double inflation will add to an incredibly high rate – 12.7%! This was confirmed in an interview with Super Express, economist Marek Zuber, who says up to 11 percent. Inflation in the first quarter of 2022. How much will retirees benefit? Check in at our table.

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Economists warn – we will face a massive increase in inflation! And it will come soon. – In the first quarter of 2022 we can expect double digit inflation. It may be higher than 10%. Zuber says.

The inflation that everyone does We feel pain while shopping On a daily basis, it translates to retirement and disability benefits. Thanks to this, pensions may be indexed Very useful for the elderly. The final indexing index will not be known until February, but the new forecast will already provide Minimum pension increase From 1,300 PLN to 1,465 PLN total! The poorest pensioner will receive PLN 165 per month, which is approximately PLN 2,000 per year.

Running out of money to pay pension? ZUS’s financial position changes

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Record increases. Confirmation of the superior valuation of pensions!

Incredible increase

pensioner who will receive 2,500 PLN in March 2023, It will be enriched by up to PLN 317Its interest will be 2817 PLN. Older people who receive a pension of 5,000 PLN from ZUS can count on an amazing increase – because Its payment after standardization is 12.7 percent. It will amount to 5,635 PLN.


Are you satisfied with the amount of your pension?

Will this high inflation stay with us for much longer? The economist reassures you immediately after reaching the so-called peak will happen A quick return to normalizing the level of inflationWhich will be larger than the ones we have been accustomed to for many years.