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The Senate will place Rodriguez Sega in Bancico in a few days – El Financiero

In the Senate, the certification process for Victoria Rodriguez Sega, the current Agent for Financial Expenses, to be Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), will be carried out in the Senate. fast trackWith the aim of avoiding “tension” in the markets, the President of the Council of Political Coordination of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, informed.

Morena’s bench leader predicted that once the appointment formally reaches the Senate, the Finance Committee, which will meet on Thursday to analyze it, will rotate, appear on Friday or next Monday, and be voted on by the plenary on Tuesday of next week.

The legislator from Zacatecan announced that he had started yesterday to meet with the parliamentary coordinators with whom he agreed on the appointment process announced by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during his morning conference.

Opening the Justice System Reforms Dialogue, organized by the Senate and the Aspen Mexico Institute, Monreal confirmed that it had been agreed to “accelerate” the ratification process.

“The markets should be calm because today (Wednesday) we start meeting the coordinators of the parliamentary blocs. I came from a meeting with two of them and we agreed to hold the meetings in the relevant committee, call to attend and make the appointment, avoiding any anxiety, uncertainty or nervousness in the economy and international markets” . .

He considered that Rodriguez Sega is a talented and distinguished woman, and above all, has the technical ability, which, he estimated, ensures the independence and independence of the Central Bank, and this is the main goal.

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“I don’t think there will be any difficulties, I have already spoken with several coordinators and the certification is reasonably certain, and we are only waiting for the confirmation of the President of the Republic to start the whole official process and to do it very quickly,” he added.

The day before, Monreal revealed that President Lopez Obrador had, since last August, withdrawn his opinion on the appointment of Arturo Herrera, the former Treasury Secretary, to be part of the Central Bank’s board.

In view of this, Senator Damian Zepeda criticized PAN, not only changing the opinion of the head of the federal executive branch on the appointment, which led to uncertainty, but also the profile of Victoria Rodriguez Sega, as it would not meet the requirements of the law .

He stated that the Bank of Mexico law stipulates that he must have at least five years of experience in senior monetary and financial management positions; However, there is no current undersecretary for expenditures, so it cannot be the governor of the Bank of Mexico.

“Personally I am of the opinion that it does not fulfill the requirements, and therefore I myself would not vote for it. In addition, it adds to my very consistent and very firm opinion that the attitudes of sentient beings, and of autonomous institutions, are not to command subordinates; that is, to remove someone who is subordinate to you from your government and want Send it to an independent body, and I do not agree.”