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Pepe Aguilar warns that they will not be able to work with him if they are not vaccinated against COVID-19

Baby Aguilar pronounced Against people who do not want to be vaccinated The rest of the population is at risk.

During the live broadcast with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, The singer raised his voice to ask his fans to go get vaccinated against COVID-19If health conditions continue to deteriorate around the world due to the epidemic, there will be dire consequences for the economy and the technical union will be affected again.

For this reason, it looks clearly annoying, Demand respect for those who followed all procedures To prevent further infections, one of them is vaccinations. Avoiding talking about the alleged conspiracy theories that have emerged, “El Gigante de la Canción Ranchera” has made a basic appeal to People living in the United States to get vaccinated.

The unwillingness of people to get vaccinated in countries like the United States where there are a lot of vaccines, really makes me irresponsible and indicates a great ignorance. Your right ends where mine begins and My right is that I want to be vaccinated and I don’t want you to make me sickHe explained during the live broadcast broadcast last Sunday.

father AngelaAnd the ring s Leonardo Aguilar He stressed that he does not agree with people who do not want to be vaccinated, and he gave his family as an example, who followed all the recommendations of the authorities on health issues.

“I am a test, my family is a test for that, we have been vaccinated, we are still taking care of ourselves and we are not exempt from the disease, we are clear about that and that is why we go with the mask,” he explained.

Son Antonio Aguilar s Wildflower The controversy continued by making sure that the people who worked for him who did not want to follow the rules would send them home to rest.

“I have people in my department, in my organization, who don’t approve of vaccination either, and what do you think is going to happen to them? Well, I’m going to have to leave them in their little house, until they get vaccinated, as long as they don’t know. Get vaccinated, you can’t work with me, no Nobody can work with me who has not been vaccinated, and nobody else.”

He assured those who wanted to continue to cooperate with him to abide by the rules of his house:

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“And what will they say to me, that it is unconstitutional? No mothers … It’s my house, in my house my rules. In my show, my collaborators are at my house and If they want to work with me, they must obey my rules, period, there is no place to do, For God’s sake vaccinate!he added.

He ended by making a special appeal to his followers who reside in the United States.

Friends of the United States, friends where you have a chance to get vaccinated, do it for the love of God, respect those who want to be vaccinated“, pointed out.

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