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Perhaps the oldest rune stone in the world was found in Norway

Perhaps the oldest rune stone in the world was found in Norway

The stone block, which was found in excavations in 2021 and 2022 but took a long time to analyze, has been dated to between year 0 to year 250 according to our current chronology. The stone contains a mixture of different inscriptions not previously seen on stones.

– This discovery will give us a lot of knowledge about how runes were used during the early Iron Age. One of the first attempts to use runes may have been in Norway and Scandinavia, says Christel Zillmer NRK.

According to Zelmer, the find may mean that the rune stones are older than scientists thought.

– The discovery of the rune stone is world news.

Found during railroad excavations

On one of the inscriptions, eight runes can be seen, which researchers believe are the name of a person who lived about 2,000 years ago. They believe the stone was carved in memory of a person archaeologists found in a tomb. Two small pieces of stone were also found there with the word “Run” engraved on them. The researchers are working to date these findings.

The rune stone was found in connection with excavations to widen the Ringeriksbanen railway.

– I was very surprised. You almost stop breathing and are speechless when you understand what you are facing here, says excavation project manager Steinar Solheim.

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