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Peter R. The legend of Lech is doomed to a final verdict! The court was cruel

– I will fight for the innocence – announced in 2019 Piotr R., when the District Court in Wroclaw delivered an inconclusive ruling in his case. For selling matches in 2004, the former Lech player was banned from professional football for three years and suspended for a year and two months in prison.

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“There is no evidence in the case that unequivocally confirms that I committed the alleged acts. The case returns periodically and is an interesting alternative topic, sometimes I have a political impression” – wrote this in the statement R. She appealed the ruling.

Peter R. was legally convicted

However, according to the blog “Piłkarska Mafia”The Wroclaw Court of Appeal partially upheld the verdict against R. “After one of the two charges was acquitted, R. 10,000 was found guilty, the position related to the organization and participation in professional sports competitions was banned for two years and the return of 15,000 PLN of unjustified financial benefits. The District Court had earlier acquitted Piotr R. of the charge. One ”- we read.

However, more rulings were passed in the Court of Appeals, the most significant of which was the upholding of the 2019 ruling of four and a half years in prison for Rysard V. “Freezer”. “The evidence regarding Ryszard F. is so complete that there were no grounds for changing the sentence in the scope of the crimes assigned to him” – said Judge Janusz Godzwon in the justification.

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The hairdresser won’t get out of prison.

The court found Fraser guilty on nearly all of the 100-plus counts, incl. Who promised and gave bribes. F was also accused. By founding and leading an organized criminal group that accepted and offered bribes in exchange for fixing the results of football matches at various levels of competition. The group was scheduled to operate from July 2003 to June 2006. The evidence in his case was described as 1.7 thousand. pages.

– When you read the files, you can come to the conclusion that the scale of corruption activities at that time was shocking – said the judge. He added that when analyzing the case files, one could conclude that the exceptions were in queues of matches in which at least one match was not identified.

The court acquitted Jacek J. , a former international judge from Warsaw, as a result. G. was acquitted of the last three alleged crimes. Thus, the appeals court found him innocent, as the district court acquitted the former arbitrator of two counts.

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