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PGNiG Superliga: The match was reversed in the second half. Points for MMTS

MMTS Kwidzyn Energa defeated MKS Kalisz 22:21 (10:11) in a PGNiG Superliga match. After an unsuccessful first half, Kwidzyn’s team managed to make a slight lead in the second half, which they held until the end.

Dorota Popotech

MMTS Kwidzyn

Press materials / MMTS Kwidzyn . / Pictured: Gracze MMTS Kwidzyn

Energa MKS started the game better, scoring the first goals for Września – Kacper Adamski. The visitors had major problems in attack and although they played well in defence, the residents of Kalisz managed to make their way towards goal. On the MKS side, there was a 7-minute layover. MMTS seized the opportunity and, despite the poor play, drew 3:3. It was Piotr Krępa who broke Kalisz’s losing streak, starting a stable match period. Multiple penalties and a lack of projective efficacy became a problem for MMTS.

Tomasz Strząbała found their rhythm, and Łukasz Zakreta began to show himself in goal, allowing a safe four-stroke lead. 5 minutes before the break, the Kalisz residents started making fouls used by the MMTS, resulting in a score of 11:10 for Energa MKS.

Guests approached the second half in a fighting mood. They equalized immediately, and in the 37th minute they were three goals ahead. Apparently, the inhabitants of Calis could not arrange the game. Krzysztof Szczecina, who was instrumental in goal, did not help them score. In the second part of the match, Robert Orzechowsky, who played well, stood out. Mateusz Goralsky temporarily managed to get the hosts out of trouble in the attack, scoring three hits, including the contact goal.

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However, there was no draw or escape thanks to the interventions of goalkeepers – Szczecin and Krikori. MMTS steadily held its small lead, and MKS was unable to recover from the first half. The last actions brought great feelings. In the 59th minute, the residents of Kalisz scored the required toss, to which the guests responded with a goal, leaving the hosts a few dozen seconds for the last shot attempt. However, they couldn’t take their chance and it was MMTS who emerged victorious from this meeting.

Energa MKS Kalisz – MMTS Kwidzyn 21:22 (11:10)

Energa MKS Kalisz: Zakreta, Krekora – Wróbel, Adamski 4, Pilitowski K. 1, Pilitowski M., Szpera 4, Kamyszek 1, Makowiejew, Tomczak 1, Góralski 5, Drej, Bekisz, Pedryc, Kus, Krępa 5

MMTS Kwidzyn: Dudek, Szczecina 1 – Ossowski 5, Nastaj 2, Kornecki 1, Zieniewicz, Krieger, Kutyła 2, Orechowski 5, Guziewicz 1, Szyszko 1, Majewski, Grzenkowicz, Peret, Landzwojczak 3, Jankowski 1

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