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Phn 34: Cesare Oleksizuk knocks down Simon Tassa

Phn 34: Cesare Oleksizuk knocks down Simon Tassa

Cesare Oleksizuk (6-2, 3C, 2 SUB) defeated Simon Dassa (10-5, 8C, 1 SUB) at the Fen34 exhibition, the most valuable victory of his career so far. – MMA at a very high level – said exhibition commentator Tomas Marciniak.

The fight between Oleksiejszczuk and Dusza started kickboxing. In the middle of the round, Olegizzuk moved the fight to the ground for a while. There he tried to control Probo, but the soul was able to defend itself and ended up above. The fight then returned to the stand-up collar and continued there until the end of the round. A good first match!

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The second edition mainly took place in one position. Oleksychuk scored well straight and closed his match under the net. Soul could not find a way to effectively compete with the competitor of the Vilanov Combat Sports Academy.

Olegizzuk’s boxing combinations were again a big issue for the soul. The resident of Opol is already very broken. A minute before the end of the round, Olekzyzuk began to bring him back and hit his opponent on the ground until the end of the fight. A dozen or more seconds before the end, a player from Vilanov Fighting Academy climbed behind his rival, but he did not have time to submit. 30:27, 29:28, 30:27 Oleksijuk won by a unanimous decision of the judges.

Fighting Shortcut Szymon Dusza – Cezary Oleksiejczuk:

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