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Photo leak from Xinjiang shows how retraining camps are run as prisons

Photo leak from Xinjiang shows how retraining camps are run as prisons

He is an unknown person who allegedly hacked into the network of the Kunashir Security Agency in Xinjiang, downloading tens of thousands of files from the years 2000-2018. The documents were then handed over to German researcher and anthropologist Adrian Zenz, who came out early to uncover the camps. This is the first time an intruder has obtained photos from the camps in Xianjiang.

The sheer scale of the camp system in Xinjiang has been known and documented ever since, but this is the first time the outside world has seen such a large amount of photos from inside the camps.

DN has, along with a number of other media, in many countries, Take note of the spilled material. These include photographs of camp prisoners, the oldest being 73, and the youngest being 15.

Other photos show armed policemen and prisoners squatting with their hands tied. There should also be documents giving instructions to the police about the brutal treatment of people in the camps and assurances from senior Communist Party members that the camps exist.

What distinguishes this leak is that it includes documents from all levels, from the top of the party leadership to the bottom. We have experienced unusually high-profile and explicit speeches, such as shooting and shooting. Then there are calls to the police about how to secure the camps, he says Adrian Zenz until DN.

– Gives incredible insight into how the camps work. “We have pictures of police training with riot gear and spreadsheets with a list of prisoners,” he said.

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The United Nations is in place in Xinjiang

A number of countries accused China of violating human rights, but the United Nations has not yet issued a report on this.

On Tuesday, UN Commissioner Michelle Bachelet will visit Xinjiang, as part of a tour of China. However, there is doubt in the Western world that it will see anything other than the polished truth that China wants to show, writes TT.