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Pigeons move in the fire zone

Since Monday, a 300-hectare land fire has destroyed the city of Kalajoki in Finland, reports Swedish Yle It is the largest fire in 50 years.

On Wednesday, authorities immediately issued a warning about the dangerous smoke and called on everyone in the area to stay indoors.

But then the Swedish translation got it wrong.

In Finnish, people have been urged to avoid moving around in the area, but the Swedish translation says: “Please move around the area” Hovodstadsbladet.

– Unfortunately, something went wrong here with us, probably because of urgency. Perhaps word fell by mistake, which is a pity of course, rescue chief Jarmo Habanen tells the newspaper, and announces that a correction will be written.

It spreads due to strong winds

At the beginning of the week, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe fire in Kalajoki reached 70 hectares. Since then, dry land and strong winds have allowed the fire to spread, according to reports Hovodstadsbladet.

Helicopters contributed during the firefighting work, and among other things, trees were cut down to limit the spread of the disease.

There is still a risk of the fire spreading further, although it remained the same throughout most of Thursday.

Warnings must be issued in Swedish and Finnish

Warning messages will be issued in both Swedish and Finnish in the country, writes Hufvudstadsbladet.

– The legal basis is clear, warning letters must be issued in Finnish and Swedish, since information necessary for an individual’s life, health and safety must be provided in the two national languages ​​across the country, Linda Lindholm, a specialist in the Ministry of Justice tells the newspaper.

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