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The biggest forest fire in Finland in 50 years

Fires have been burning in Kalajoki in northern Ostrobothnia since Monday and are the largest since the 1970s, according to states. Yalla.

Initially, about 70 hectares were covered, but the fire has since spread. Early Thursday evening, the rescue service announced that it was now hundreds of acres.

The firefighting lines we set up last night by cutting down the trees are still standing. The fire was limited to a large area like this morning, about 300 hectares, rescue chief Jarmo Habanen tells Hufvudstadsbladet.

during Thursday Up to 250 people fought in the fire.

– We have received assistance from rescue services across the country, and today we have also received assistance from four helicopters. The help means we can have replacement staff and shorter shifts so the workload doesn’t become stressful.

Wind increases and increases the risk of fire spreading.

The land is dry, and a gusty wind means the fire is still scattered, says Jarmo Habanen.

No one has had to evacuate yet.

Went on Wednesday Warning message to the public, incorrectly translated from Finnish to Swedish. Instead of urging them to avoid moving around the area, Swedish speakers were asked to move around the area.

Jarmo Habanen regrets the error.

– Unfortunately, something went wrong here with us, probably because of urgency. He says some of the words might have fallen off by mistake, which is unfortunate of course Hovodstadsbladet.

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