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Poland and Ukraine react to US green light for Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea

Poland and Ukraine react to US green light for Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea

A controversial gas pipeline dominated the White House meeting last week between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden.

After the meeting, information was leaked that they were no longer opposed to the completion of the gas pipeline. The United States has previously threatened sanctions and enacted laws against the administration’s work.

Barely a week after the meeting Declare countries Officially they reached an agreement. This means that the company can resume work afterwards to stop In the deep parts of the Baltic Sea just over 1.5 years ago.

‘The crisis is deepening’

However, the German-American green light was not received favorably by the governments of Poland and Ukraine.

“Currently, the crisis has been significantly deepened by the decision to abandon attempts to stop the NS2 gas pipeline. Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau and Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said the decision poses political, military and energy-related threats to Ukraine and Central Europe, while strengthening Russia’s ability to destabilize the situation.” security forces in Europe, thus perpetuating divisions between NATO and EU member states.” Dmytro Koleba in a joint statement. statement.

The length of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is 2460 km. It is closed in the Swedish economic zone in the Baltic Sea and will supply natural gas from Russia Photo: SVT . design

Russian state

Behind the project is the Russian energy company Gazprom. Energy companies in Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands have also made significant investments. The headquarters of the company is located in Switzerland.

Despite the fact that both the United States and Germany now say that they jointly offer their “unwavering support” to Ukraine. Statement On Wednesday, Poland and Ukraine continued to oppose Nord Stream 2 (NS2).

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Poland and Ukraine will work with their allies and partners to oppose NS2 until solutions are developed to address the security crisis raised by NS2, provide support to countries seeking membership in Western democratic institutions and reduce threats to peace and energy security,” the foreign ministers said in the statement.

The tugboat of the Russian pipeline laying ship Fortuna in the German port of Wismar in the Baltic Sea. Photo: AP Jan 14 2021

Ready in August

According to the company, management is 98 percent complete, but the delay has cost “hundreds of millions” of euros, CEO Matthias Warnig said. Interview newly. He said the goal is to complete the pipeline by the end of August.