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political scandal. Kosovo boxers are not accepted in Serbia

Before the boxers could compete in the 2021 World Cup in Belgrade, there was a scandal. Employees from Kosovo to Serbia were not accepted twice.

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The International Olympic Committee blames AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Federation) for Serbia’s refusal to accept Kosovo’s boxers for the 2021 World Cup in Belgrade (the event takes place from October 25 to November 6), Reuters reports.

Activists said that the boxing team in Kosovo refused, on Saturday, to allow it to enter Serbia, because of the national symbols on their sports equipment. Moreover, the residents of Kosovo could not cross the border even after removing the codes. The Serbs did not provide a reason for the second refusal to enter.

Serbia, which lost control of Kosovo in 1999, does not recognize Kosovo as a state after declaring its independence in 2008. The International Olympic Committee considers the International Boxing Association (AIBA) to be responsible, and this – this is a quote from an official declaration: the organization allocates the tournament to Belgrade ” .

The IOC has repeatedly informed the Federation of the need for such due diligence. The International Boxing Federation must provide a friendly home for every player, and the world of boxing knows no boundaries. Sport is supposed to unite people and should be free of politics – an IOC spokesperson admitted, citing Reuters.

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) confirmed that it is in constant contact with the 2021 World Cup hosts and has taken steps to resolve the situation of Kosovo boxers.

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