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B: The White Star keeps playing! Brown Forbes is the champion of the Vistula River

Wisła Kraków failed recently, and black clouds gathered above coach Adrian Gula. After the recent defeats in Ekstraklasa, Biała Gwiazda did not start the meeting with GKS Tychy as the best player. The start of the match showed that it was not so good with the Krakow defence.

As early as the fifth minute the home side could take the lead from Tichy. Łukasz Grzeszczyk could have hit from several metres, but gave the ball to Gracjan Jaroch. His technical shot with difficulty to pay a corner kick was saved by Mikowaj Bijanski.

In the 13th minute it was dangerous under the second goal. Yao Yeboah, who was fouled right in front of the penalty line after defeating several opponents, was leading the move. Houji’s turn hit a wall with a free kick, and the ball was released from a corner kick.

In the 24th minute, Wisła advances. Mate Hanusk got the ball on the left flank and was shown straight away. Mateusz Młyński was in the right place and at the right time, giving the guests direction with an accurate shot from the long corner.

The match was not one-sided. One minute later, Wiswa was lucky that Jarosh shot Jarosh standing in the middle of the goal. The pressure of the landlords continued. Wasa goalkeeper was forced to intervene. Krzysztof Wołkowicz’s shot from a distance of 30 minutes was very dangerous, when the ball slightly missed the host’s goal. In response to Yeboah’s pass, Michal Skvarka hit the ground, but next to the post.

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In the 43rd minute, Wesa’s defense made a fatal mistake, as one of the GKS Tychy players threatened to go out alone with the goalkeeper. Seraphin Zota decided to slip from behind and luckily came in clean. He risked getting a red card and imposing a penalty on his opponents.

Wissoa lost the lead in the 55th minute. Szota made another nightmarish error and gave the ball to Grzeszczyk. The outgoing Biegański passed and scored the deserted 1:1. The same player after a moment could give Tysons the lead.

The White Star also had his own special occasions. In a perfect setting, he shuffled Yeboah positioned a few meters from the goal. However, the Krakow team managed to turn the tide of victory in their favor, and it turned out that Felicio Braun Forbes was the champion of the Wawel team.

The Costa Rican striker appeared on the field in the 61st minute and several minutes later, with a difference of three minutes, put the ball into the net twice. First, show off a great shot, then use the blunder to defend Tichy. Artur Durban’s team, within three minutes, practically buried his chances of achieving a positive result, and thus his dreams of continuing his cup adventure.

Adrian Gula’s team could have increased their points in the last minutes. However, Forbes missed the opportunity to complete a triple, and Yeboah failed to show off in the next position, after facing Costa Rica.

GKS Tychy – Wiswa Krakow 1:3 (0:1)

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Objectives: Łukasz Grzeszczyk (55) – Mateusz Młyński (24), Felicio Brown Forbes (74, 76)