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Polsat Box 4K decoder How much does Eleven Sports cost the end of Cyfrowy Polsat

Introduce Polsat Box to the show The following channels are in 4K quality:
– Sports Eleven Sports 1 4K Available in Eleven Sports add-on package (the other three channels of the Eleven Sports family are available in current quality),
Insight TV UHD With content on travel, extreme sports, science and technology (available in all basic packages)
NASA Ultra HD TV, Any channel containing material from the US Space Agency, incl. Covering rocket launches, work aboard the International Space Station and classic NASA movies (available on satellite channels),
Fashion TV 4K On Fashion (available for free on satellite channels).

In addition, Polsat Box provides subscribers with 4K quality movies on the online platform Polsat Box Go launched at the beginning of September. Among these titles are “Professional Bodyguard”, “Lovely” and “The Sheep Shaun Film”. Farmmageddon and Gaskenwick. The company has announced that content from the Insight TV UHD library will soon appear on the platform.

4K decoder in Polsat box

Meanwhile, Polsat Box offers a set-top box that supports the 4K standard, which we reported on in mid-August.

The decoder is powered by the new bluetooth remote control. Thanks to the DUO function, it can be connected to both satellite channels and IPTV cable (the device has built-in Wi-Fi). In addition, it supports the Polsat Box Go app.

The 4K set-top box is offered by Polsat Box with every basic package (S, M, L) – in loan format, from PLN 49.

Polsat was convinced of 4K

Until now, Polsat Box, which is still affiliated with the Cyfrowy Polsat brand, has been skeptical about the 4K quality that Canal+ has already offered for more than 3 years. The platform broadcasts UEFA Champions League matches on Polsat Sport Premium channels in Super HD quality.

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“We have our strategy and we are implementing it at our own pace, if we have any news that needs to be conveyed, we will definitely tell it,” she explained to us in May of this year. Olga Sommer, a spokeswoman for the operator.

Soon, TVP 4K was launched, which broadcasts Euro 2020 matches. It was present at the Canal + show and cable networks, but Cyfrowy Polsat did not have it. Many subscribers criticized this decision of the largest digital platform.

Polsat Plus Group in the second quarter of this year. Achieved an increase in sales revenue of 10.4%. to PLN 3.16 billion, and its net profit increased from PLN 290.7 million to PLN 541.7 million. In the entire first half of 2021, it had PLN 6.1 billion in revenue and PLN 932.1 million in net profit. The subscriber pays an average of PLN 91.4 per month for the company’s services, and the prepaid client pays PLN 22.