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Potential Buyer, Stefan Martin Expects New ‘In June’

Former club president, Stefan Martin, has a plan to buy back Girondin de Bordeaux, after announcing the withdrawal from King Street. In After Foot on RMC this Thursday,

Ligue 1 season is now over – and maintenance guaranteed – Girondins de Bordeaux must find a buyer, just weeks after announcing their withdrawal from King Street. Among the projects on display is that of Stefan Martin, the club’s former president between 2017 and 2018, which is part of a group of investors sponsored by Pascal Rego, the local businessman now residing in the United States.

Stefan Martin’s return to the presidency?

Afterfoot guest on RMC on Thursday, Stefan Martin said more about the project: “Today, there is a potential sale to the club I work for with potential buyers. Nothing has been done but if this project is in the end, investors will trust me to take over the presidency. Not yet. We have a strong, high-quality project that will guarantee the club’s sustainability for several years. There are fewer good projects () but there may be better projects as well. It expects the answers “in June” to “a clearer vision in one direction or another.”

Investors “not far” from the world of sports

John Williams, the sports consultant in Amiens, could play the same role at Bordeaux if the project were accepted. File mainly US money. “These are the people who have an interest in investing in football because their industries are not far away. Either they are in American sports or in the media and entertainment in general … These are not people with a pure perspective on financial investment or in other areas, as Stefan Martin insists.” What can make a difference in terms of stability is the appearance. ”

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“Bordeaux is still a historical club, whatever we say, remains well organized, has a very healthy base. Girondin has criticized us a lot but there is also a very healthy base, recognized in the community, and quality in training as well. The name of Bordeaux is also important,” adds Stefan Martin On the desire of investors.

“The Grimandi-Vieira duo is not at all in the project”

It’s too early to take revenge on having names: “The Grimandi-Vieira duo is not at all in the Bordeaux project. It’s too early to talk about names when one is just a candidate, which irritates the former Bordeaux leader. On the other hand, it is very wrong to do so. “When there are people like Alain Roche or Jean-Louis Gasset already there. The first thing is that we have been chosen. Then, the first corrections are to talk to the people in the place, especially when they have such a history with Girondins.”