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Prince Andrew confronts his mother: After ‘sexual assault’ complaint, Elizabeth II joins in at Balmoral

Prince Andrew confronts his mother: After ‘sexual assault’ complaint, Elizabeth II joins in at Balmoral

In complete turmoil, Prince Andrew found his family on Tuesday, August 10. In fact, according to daily MailPrince Charles’ brother traveled to Balmoral to be reunited with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

It’s a thorn in the feet of the wind. The royal family once again finds itself at the center of a controversy. This time, it is neither Meghan Markle nor Prince Harry who is drowning the Queen in turmoil, But his son, Prince Andrew He is still mired in the Epstein scandal, which has taken a new turn. In fact, Virginia Joffrey, one of the young women the billionaire introduced to Prince Andrew, filed a complaint against her. “sexual assault”. He was the brother of Prince Charles Assaulting the young woman three times : In London at Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-companion of Jeffrey Epstein, at the businessman’s estates in New York and in the Virgin Islands: “I hold Prince Andrew responsible for what he did to me. The powerful and the rich are not exempt from accountability. I hope other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear. I know that this action will expose me to further attacks from Prince Andrew and his representativessaid the complainant.

Flawless support

The facts Prince Andrew has always denied. And if anyone believes him fervently as Iron, it is his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, who does not hesitate to support him whenever she can. to me daily MailThis Tuesday, August 10th, was no exception to the rule. A day after Virginia Joffrey’s discoveries, Beatrice’s father and Eugenie are seen heading towards Balmoral with his ex-girlfriend. The Duchess of York has been invited to stay in a Scottish residence and thus appears to support her ex-husband in the face of the charges against him. According to the media, ‘The Duke of York’s caravan hurriedly entered his mother’s estate in the Scottish Highlands shortly after 6pm. Andrew, who was driving a Range Rover, had a stern expression as the Duchess of York seemed to be in full swing. The back seat.’ Thus, the Duke of York was reunited with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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