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Pronar fodder machines in new version in first mowing

Pronar fodder machines in new version in first mowing

The full range of feed machines from Pronar is now available in a new color scheme, and many models have been updated to varying degrees. Equipment was displayed while harvesting the lawn at the Pronar plant outlet in Łany (Lubelskie Voivodeship).

For a period of two days (26-27 May 2021) the pilot area in any became the site of the green forage harvesting machines of this manufacturer.

– The show in Łany is slowly turning into an institutional tradition, and the premiere is also the first possible opportunity to show what our machines look like in the field – says Tomasz Kotowicz, Head of Local Trade in Agricultural Equipment at Pronar.

This year we focused on machines that farmers choose most often and we’re only sorry because due to the pandemic we were unable to cope with them in a wider range. But we are optimistic and we hope we can succeed this season. Of course, we make all reports available continuously on the internet and social media – Kotowicz added.

New colors

It was the comments and suggestions of the grassland clients that set the direction for the design changes implemented in the green forage harvesting machines. Much emphasis was placed on improving functionality, and the symbolic expression of the “new opening” was the abandonment of the previous yellow and green colors in favor of a new silvery green. Patterns on frames, caps, or tarpaulins are now white, making individual patterns easily identifiable in the field.

Technical support department

The availability of service, parts and after-sales service that is widely understood is also of great importance, especially in the high season. For several months, a service branch was set up in Piła (Wielkopolskie district) mainly for customers from the western part of the country. A technical support department has also been launched, whose experts continuously support customers in difficult cases.

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Machines at exhibitions

For two days in any, what was cut with six Pronar models was cut, riveted, shredded and coiled. A PDT300 3 m back disc mower was used for shearing and cutting with the PWP530 four-rotor mowing machine. Two single-rotor models were used for dozing: ZKP420 and ZKP460T. The bales formed by the baler were wrapped in Z245 / 1 Self Loading Sheath (with front loading).

Offer will be expanded soon

Pronar’s complete offer in the field of feed equipment includes several dozen models for different types of machines. The company announces that this year the company’s factories will produce the first machines never seen before in domestic manufacturers: double-sided disc mowers with a width of 10.5 meters (PDD1050 and PDD1050C), as well as the first Polish machine with four rotors. Rake – ZKP1400.

Offers at any were also an opportunity to train merchants operating in the country and abroad. Including new employees in factory outlets, Pronar has so far opened seven from three provinces – Mazowieckie, Podlaskie and Lubelskie. The majority of their employees are farmers who combine company work with family farm management.

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