At irregular intervals, developers and publishers appear generously on Steam, and for a limited time release entire games for free. Now is the time again. Because you can secure a famous founder of the so-called walking simulator for free. But you have to be quick, because the show will end very soon.

Dear Esther

Get a free game on Steam

A few years ago, walking simulators began to gain popularity and one of the actors was at the fore: Dear Esther. The special adventure was a true insider tip and managed to captivate many players with its special and sometimes dark atmosphere.

You can now download the original game Free on Steam To make a backup. Secret Mode publishers have a limited promotion initially. However, if you want to have an atmospheric exploration game, you should get it quickly.

Freelancing is running Only until February 16 at 4 pm.

What makes my dear Esther special?

The special thing about Dear Esther is that every exploration of the secluded island is unique because everything is randomly generated. There is no similar game to the following game. If you don’t know dear Esther yet, there’s one here Trailer for a movie to you:

Dear Esther adventure certainly won’t suit every player’s taste, but those who don’t care too much about gameplay and for that Story-centered experiences Celebrate, you should definitely savor it.

Do you want more insider tips with a special game concept? Then you should take a look at this series of photos:

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