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Quinté +: Deciphering the Etonnant’s Triumph at the Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d’Azur

cautious start

driver d’AmazingAnd the Anthony Barrier He perfectly managed his hero’s efforts in Speed ​​standards on the Cote d’Azur. Get the number 6 behind the car, Amazing He did not leave his lane, speeding up with the horses of the second row, and his driver was trying to catch him well.

Once installed in the leaderboard after completely erasing his number 8, it is a favorite wise alive The pace picked up, allowing Amazing To approach in a third thickness, and then reach a nose with the wind, without much effort. Sometimes lying down at the last turn, Amazing He didn’t lose ground this time. He showed quite symmetrically, his great ability to finish the race, which made him the big favorite bend in the final meters of the race. Amazing Join the list group 1 his dad Temucothe four-time winner of this event.

The most important moments of the race

1. Stunning retreat with second line horses

2. Anthony’s barrier releases a third thickness Etonnant at the beginning of the opposite line

3. Standing amazingly alongside host and big favorite Vivid Wise As

4. The amazing is the strongest fight in the last meters

Time: 1’09” 9

4th of Rene Ballier Prize 2021 at 1’09” 7, Amazing He descends for the second time in his career under 1’10”. The drop is shown in kilometers from 1’09” 9like a dolphin wise alive Who loses his power on the track in his sixth attempt.

Race Report

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