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W czwartek front atmosferyczny z przelotnymi deszczami będzie przesuwał się w kierunku wschodnich krańców Polski, a w zachodniej połowie kraju spodziewane są liczne rozpogodzenia - powiedział PAP Marek Kurowski, synoptyk Instytutu Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej.

Rain in the east, bright in the west [PROGNOZA POGODY]

On Thursday, the atmospheric part of the precipitation will move towards the eastern tip of Poland and a lot of clarity is expected in the western part of the country, the coordinator of the Meteorological and Water Management Agency told PAP.

A large part of Poland will be cloudy with rain on Thursday morning. According to experts from the Meteorological and Water Management Institute, the first light will appear in the west, and during the day the zone of clouds and rain will move towards the eastern border of Poland.

We expect light and light rain in the western part of the country on Thursday. The exception would be Pomerania, which can still be sprayed during the day. By noon, it is likely to rain in the central and eastern parts of the country. It will be cold. We expect the lowest daytime temperature in the Northeast: 10-12 degrees Celsius. It is warmer in Lower Silasia where thermometers can show up to 17 degrees Krovsky said.

During the day, the rainforest moves eastward. There will be less rain in the city center in the afternoon. In the east, a possible downpour of rain, which will last until the end of the day in the suburbs of Poland. During the night from Thursday to Friday, a large part of the country will be flooded by light and fog, restricting visibility to 200-300 meters. Temperatures range from 6 to 9 degrees at night. In mountainous areas, especially in glowing conditions, local thermometers show two degrees above zero.