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Refreshing to hear Anderson remove himself at the Echot Party Leader Hearing

At least she doesn’t seem quite constipated

Aftonbladet opening page He is an independent social democrat.

Magdalena Anderson.
Magdalena Anderson.

Magdalena Anderson He is not known for laughing in pictures. That’s lucky. You sit in the Sagerska palatset, not the ticket booth at Leo Stadium.

But at this morning’s party leader’s hearing in Ekot, she’s actually making herself and the presenters laugh a little. It’s not an immediate objective joke. But after all, it’s seven in the morning.

Anderson says she thought it would be a good and reasonable thing for the Social Democrats to get their majority in Parliament, although she acknowledges that this is not “most likely, unfortunately”. Nothing beats standing still, but at least it isn’t directed by a bloated youth organizer who is overconfident in his qualities as a medical professional.

He seems to be improvising

Compared to hearing Ulf Kristersson yesterday, Magdalena Andersson feels relaxed. Of course, there are some points to talk about, such as while explaining the welfare gains. But sometimes it seems that she actually improvises.

NATO will come, of course, and the bidders will quote Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, who said in June that Finland would not have applied for membership if they knew how Turkey would act. Anderson first answered that it was a hypothetical question that she hadn’t thought of, and that such thinking might appear in any memoirs. But she still dared to experiment with live broadcasting a little.

low bar

The bar is low when the party leader’s claim doesn’t seem quite constipated. But the reactions to hearing Magdalena Anderson show why politicians prefer to avoid improvisation. When asked about an imprisoned Kurdish opposition politician, she is generally critical of Turkey but prefers to avoid saying anything extreme about the issue.

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– The reason I seem a little suspicious is that I’ll have to check the background more often, she says simply.

Cut headlines about the prime minister being ‘pressure’ and ‘not informed’ and allegations about his inability to stand behind Foreign Secretary Anne Lind’s pro-opposition politician’s comments.

not confused

Anderson’s answer was hardly a success. But it’s also good to hear a politician admit that she has no proof. For once, listeners escaped the usual meandering.

It shouldn’t be a cause for applause. But when the competition consists of a cyborg grin with whitened teeth, it’s refreshing to listen to a human being.