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Riccardo Simonetti publishes a photo from the hospital

The influencer and activist posted a picture of himself on a hospital bed. There is a long explanation for this. Accordingly, Riccardo Simonetti had to have health problems.

Artist and author Riccardo Simonetti has revealed quite a bit of personal information on Instagram in the past few weeks. Now he explains why. The 28-year-old also shared a photo of himself wearing a mouthguard and a hospital apron.

“The truth is that I had some health problems that were not free which made me spend most of the time at the doctor or in the hospital,” Simonetti writes of the photo from the hospital. Not only was it physically challenging for him, but it was also intimidating. “Since I didn’t know how long I would feel this way, I thought it would be best to keep everything to myself for now,” continues the LGBTQIA activist*.

He also wanted to show through his contribution that “if you are not feeling well”, assures his followers of more than 326,000 followers. One often makes the delusion, “As if everything is always going well, that you feel something is wrong if it doesn’t look like you.”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am”

The fact that his treatment was successfully completed shortly before Christmas and that he can spend the holiday at home with his family is “a very personal Christmas gift and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for it today”. He is now looking forward to “a bright, and above all, healthy 2022”. Simonetti didn’t reveal exactly what he had.

Many fans and celebrities leave good wishes for Riccardo Simonetti under his post, such as pop star Ross Anthony and broadcasters Gana Ina Zarella, Kathy Hummels and Jonah Klum. Model Stephanie Geisinger wrote: “Get well soon. I’m thinking of you!”

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