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Riot Games reveals the trailer for Zeri, the new League of Legends character

Riot Games reveals the trailer for Zeri, the new League of Legends character

League of Legends character trailers after the launch of Arcane may be more popular. Trailer Zeri already has over two million views. In addition to a short introduction to the character’s story from Zaun, we’ve got a short gameplay.

First of all, we are dealing with AD Carry, which will certainly delight players who want to diversify the finish line in the path of bots. However, unlike characters in the style of Jhin or Ashe, Zeri promises to be a more dynamic and lively hero. Instead of standing back and taking damage away from enemies, Zeri will have several ways to get into the middle of the fight.

Mobility can be the most powerful component. The presentation shows not only a classic short jump, but also the ability to jump over walls. From the top of the robot, Zeri jumps to the middle of the robot’s path in the video above, covering a very long distance in a very short time.

It also seemed like it would be a long idle skill instead of a super skill. The Ultimate is shown moments later, with Zeri turning colour, appearing energetic, accelerating, possibly doing more damage in the process. Taking into account the fact that the character in all parts of the game keeps his opponents at a very short distance, we can get an interesting hero who will revolutionize the robot.

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