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Roland-Garros: Tsonga and Simon are invited by the tournament to get the last ball

Roland-Garros: Tsonga and Simon are invited by the tournament to get the last ball

Jill Moreton, President of FFT, and Amelie Mauresmo, Tournament Director, at the suggestion of National Technical Director (DTN), Nicolas Escudi, have announced the invitations (or “Wild Cards”) intended for the final table for individuals Ladies and gentlemen (22 May – 5 June), And also for qualifications (May 16-20) for the 2022 edition of the Paris Grand Slam.

Six French players and six French players, whose classification did not allow direct access to the main draw, are the beneficiaries of these invitations. It should be noted that the four cards assigned (2 + 2) under the agreements linking the FFT to the Australian (Tennis Australia) and the American Tennis Federation (USTA) will be announced at a later time.

In the women’s draw, Harmony Tan (24, 115) and Yulia Gangin (26, 223) went on to search for their place by finishing first in a row at the International Circuit and the French Circuit. The other sesame goes to Chloe Paquet (27, 101), Fiona Ferro (25, 139), Tessa Andriangavetrimo (23, 144) and Elsa Jaquimud (19, 229).

For the men, two invitations have been reserved as expected for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Gilles Simon, who will play their last Roland Garros tournament this month. Tsonga (37, 263) will close the racket once he has eliminated Porte d’Auteuil. As for Simon (37, 160), he said he wants to end his career at the end of the season.

Joining former jockeys are Manuel Gennard (26, 158) and Grégoire Barriere (28, 210), the first consecutive Frenchman on the International Circuit and the National Circuit. Finally, FFT, true to its tradition, wanted to give a boost to Corentin Moutet (age 23, 126) and Lucas Pouille (age 28, 165).

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In addition, nine French women have been invited to the qualifying table starting Monday: Audrey Albee, Oussien Babel, Louis Poisson, Ameline Dartron, Selma Djober, Selena Janicevic, Carol Monet, Lucy Nguyen Tan and Alice Ramy. In addition to nine children: Arthur Cazaux, Sean Coenen, Gabriel Debrow, Arthur Fels, Ivan Furness, Sacha Guimard-Weinburg, Laurent Lokoli, Clément Tabor and Luca van Asch.