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slag.  PGE Narodowy is waiting for a pole victory.  Enchanted Warsaw

slag. PGE Narodowy is waiting for a pole victory. Enchanted Warsaw

– You can race on such a surface and it has already been shown in Warsaw – Krzysztof Gatchdyuk in an interview with Polina Wiśniewska told before ORLEN Warsaw FIM SGP of Poland.


WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Trzeszczkowski / SGP in Warsaw. Patrick Dudek and Maciej Janowski

Paulina Wiśniewska, The first round of the Grand Prix series is behind us. Qualifications back. How do you rate the old new look?

Krzysztof Gałańdziuk, Nature’s Solution Apator Toruń: This is only the first round so it’s hard to say. I think that the proper assessment can only be issued after several rounds and then it will be possible to form an opinion. Is this fair? I don’t know. I have some doubts about that. I have some experience in this regard. The training track is set up slightly differently from the competition and the qualification results will not always be derived from the player’s form. Let’s give it a chance and we’ll see how it develops over time.

Given the first round of the Grand Prix and the shape of the players, can you choose who has the greatest potential to become world champion in 2022?

I don’t think I would be original here, if I said it would be Bartosz Zmarzlik. You can see that he is on an equal footing, although Maciej Janowski also showed himself from a very good side. We’ll see if he can keep it, because last year he might lead the general classification, but he didn’t hold it and ended up without a medal. They are definitely the leading characters. You can also see that Mikkel Michelsen is very fast too. He’s hit with equipment and will definitely count in the quota.

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So maybe it’s the two who will complete the final podium?

I think so. I think Maciej aspires to the top. He wants to win a gold medal and he wants to become the world champion. Next to him is Greg Hancock, who definitely does a great job for him and takes a lot from him, but we still have to wait.

Maciej Janowski thinks he will finally free up fourth place in the SGPMaciej Janowski thinks he will finally free up fourth place in the SGP

Who can mix things up and turn out to be the biggest surprise?

genuinely? I don’t know. It is difficult to indicate clearly. Right now, FIM Speedway Grand Prix lacks the same character it once had. There was Tony Rickardson, Thomas Gollop, and many others. Now the stake is equal and can anyone spoil it so much? I personally do not see anyone like that.

We have few Polish players in this field. What places do you imagine them?

I didn’t think about it. I would like all our players, all Poles, to be as high as possible. We also have Paweł Przedpełski and Patryk Dudek and I wish them well. Lately, Patrick has been having some equipment problems, but he is such an experienced player that sooner or later he will be able to deal with them. Once I get to grips with it, I see it ranks highly in the rating.

We are moving from Gorican to ORLEN Warsaw FIM SGP from Poland…

I would like the pole to win first. So far this Warsaw has been enchanted and none of our representatives have been able to win it yet. That’s what I want, and which player it will be, fate will decide.

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Can a one-day itinerary give us a great sight?

Experience a few years ago showed that you can do a gentle race on such a track, if you stick to it. You can race on such a surface and it has already been shown in Warsaw.

Watch the video Woźniak is a mechanic from Zmarzlik. “It’s always a valuable experience”

Is this track more difficult for competitors to read?

The path is actually the article in that path. What Ole Olsen has now achieved is almost perfect. Like I said before, if you put your heart into it and it’s fun to do, racing is a good thing. It’s a simple matter. You have to choose the right mix for a one-day itinerary. We saw, for example, in Chorzów, that it was there, unfortunately, but it was different. There were no great races there. Ole Olsen chose the material in such a way that it could be raced well.

What should you pay attention to when preparing for a competition on a track like Warsaw?

This deck created by Ole Olsen in Warsaw can be anywhere. There are players who will go out and see what happens and know the best setup. It’s a matter of the motorcycle racer’s experience, but it’s also about the experience of the entire team around him. The player does not always have a monopoly on everything, if he has experience with people with him, then everything will be fine.

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Kup bilet na 2022 ORLEN Warsaw FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland

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Will we see a Polish winner in Warsaw?

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