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Roman Botel, co-founder of “Café de la Gare”, died with Coluche, at the age of 84

Roman Botel, co-founder in particular with Colucci for the famous Parisian “Café de la Gare”, died on Monday at the age of 84, his wife announced on Tuesday (June 1st). “Roman passed away yesterday (Monday) evening at Corbel Eson Hospital. For some time he was suffering from kidney failure. Respiratory failure was prevalentSaid Churchill, in a message to France Press, is an actress and cultural programmer from Itambes (Eason).

Roman Botel, born in 1937, was a character in the early days of cafe theater in France. “My artistic career crystallized around 1955 from the angle: finding a job that allows you to wake up at any time that requires neither a diploma, nor real work, nor obedience.He told AFP in 2005. “

The Café de la Gare, “ The first and last theater is in real chaos“According to Roman Boutelle, it opened in June 1969 in the building of the former Passage d’Odessa factory, near Montparnasse station. The team gathered around Romain Bouteille and the young Michel Colucci, who became famous as Coluche, a troupe of ambitious actors, many of whom will be successful, like Miou- Miou or Patrick Dewaere.

After the theater became very small, it moved in 1972 to a larger building, Rue du Temple, in the Marais, keeping the name. Then Colucci leaves the “café” and says of Roman Botel: “What he didn’t teach me, I stole it from him“.

Café de la Gare will also welcome first steps on stage for other characters from the show: Gérard Lanvin, Renaud, Anémone, Josiane Balasko, or even Michel Blanc.

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Roman Botel moved away from the café in the early 1990s and settled in Eason, where he and his wife set up a theater in Ethamps, “Les Grands Solostes”.