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Russian oligarchs demand EU lift sanctions

Sanctions severely affected the Russian oligarchy.

Now they have enough.

– They have turned to the European Court of Justice, says the spokesperson.

In March, the European Union blacklisted Roman Abramovich, Mikhail Fridman and Peter Avin.

Stormy businessmen have been banned from travel and their assets have been frozen – but they are now embarking on a battle to reclaim their luxury life.

Spokesman European Court of Justice He asserts that the oligarchy has appealed to the court to impose sanctions. But no details about the operation were disclosed.

Roman Abramovich. Photo gallery.

loan request

During the months when the oligarchy was forced to live with the sanctions, the situation became difficult.

Roman Abramovich was forced to sell Chelsea Football Club after 19 years in the job and he is also said to have run into financial problems.

according to daily Mail The businessman had to ask Hollywood producer Brett Ratner and members of the Rothschild family for millions of dollars in loans to pay for their expenses. Abramovich himself denies these allegations.

Michael Friedman. Photo gallery.

“under house arrest”

Mikhail Friedman also expressed his dissatisfaction.

The assets of the Russian banker amounting to 146 billion Swedish kronor were frozen and he was forced to switch to a completely new everyday life.

– I can’t even pay in a restaurant. He previously said I have to eat at home while I’m practically under house arrest.

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The house costs SEK 799 million, and in addition to the regular amenities, Fridman has access to an underground pool, wine cellar, and cigar room.

The UK authorities should give me an amount so I can take a taxi and buy food, but it would be a very limited amount for the cost of living in London.

The house that Mikhail Friedman claims is under “house arrest”.