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Rwanda plans for asylum seekers – from the UK

It is notable that Rwanda’s political leadership is keen to show the outside world that it will take good care of asylum seekers sent by Britain.

The agreement means sending asylum seekers to Rwanda where the asylum procedure takes place, but it is the UK that bears the cost.

Long term cash

There are 1.5 billion Swedish kronor in the bowl for Rwanda. Much-needed funds as Rwanda’s multi-year growth faltered with the news.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame won the last election with 98.8 percent. A figure that is hard to digest, not least because of the longstanding criticism by human rights organizations regarding the political repression and freedom of expression surrounding it.

The only opposition in the Rwandan parliament that has openly opposed the agreement is that Britain is trying to buy itself off responsibility.

Why don’t they use all this money to ensure asylum seekers are settled in the UK? Instead of sending them to a country they didn’t ask to come to, says Jean-Claude Ntisimana of Rwanda’s Green Party.

See them as family.

The Rwandan government prefers to talk about compassion and helping those in need.

Especially if it comes to people coming from Africa. We consider them family, President Paul Kagame said in a recent speech.

At the Desir Hotel, the corridor gap was empty when COO Jackie Owamongo picked me up. She gets a little worried when I tell her that the asylum seekers have been delayed because of the appeal. Hotels have had trouble filling rooms after the pandemic.

– We’re really looking forward to them coming, she says.

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