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Sandra won Spa Pogo at Queidzin. An extraordinary match by Bowie Krupa

The privileged position of Sandra Spa Pogoin Szczecin has paid off. After a tense match, Porters defeated MMTS Kwidzyn.

Szczecin started the game very well – 3-0, 4: 1, but the hosts eliminated losses just as quickly. A good goal performance by Anton Terekov meant that only MMTS at the end of the first half led to a draw.

The second part started poorly. Rafa’i Biazi was charged, and they were punished with two minutes. As a result, the match was quickly ended by Wojciech Matuzak and Adam Sofsky. Hence, the room for maneuver was very limited. Bowie Krupa did not leave the field in principle.

The chase fought off, and when the MMTS jumped to three goals – it quickly made up for losses and took the lead again. In the end, even two goals.

The problem appeared less than two minutes before the end. Łukasz Gierak missed and was sent off to the bench. The chase was already playing out on its last strengths and the sanctions streak was real. The hosts attacked in the middle, and there Bowie Krupa hit the ball. The chase took the ball and was sure to win. Kwidzinian also fell on Krupp himself, who was fouled and hit the net.

MMTS Kwidzyn – Sandra Spa Pogoń Szczecin 25-28 (14-14)
Boguch: Terekhov, Gorich-Krupa 9, Gerak 5, Bernaki 3, Rybsky 3, Vidichak 3, Krysiak 2, Matushak 2, Bossi 1, Vesovsky.


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