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SBC takes the first step towards staying up late

SBC takes the first step towards staying up late

Against the low ground, Traunstein’s side quickly made it clear that they were fighting for survival: Christian Wallis converted a corner kick to make it 1-0 in the seventh minute, and Mike Opara added Traunstein’s second goal just two minutes later. When Kenan Smailovic triumphed in the middle in the 13th minute and made it 3-0, that was also the initial decision.

“We played with great courage,” said Traunstein’s sporting director, Jochen Riel, praising the team after the victory. » I was surprised that Haidhausen was so low on the artificial turf at home. But our team was well prepared. It was a little tighter at first, but they got off to a good start. “What made him especially happy:” They performed as a team. They got rid of last week’s low and embraced the decline. We are very proud of today’s team.

Traunstein continued to apply more pressure than Haidhausen and did not let anything go with difficulty. Only in the second half did the hosts initially pose problems to the Athletic Federation when they were no longer in the depths of their own half. “We had to get out of this first,” Riel explained. But the sports federation also succeeded. Haidhausen became particularly dangerous from the standards and came through Toni Rauch after a corner kick to score 1:3 in the 56th minute. Haidhausen was now more active and also scored a crossbar shot in the 75th minute, but it was not enough for more. In contrast, Traunstein’s young Marc Kramer managed to make it 4-1 ten minutes after being substituted after a deep ball. Jochen Riel praised the “incredibly impressive team effort”, but also cautioned: “We cannot rest on our laurels. Haidhausen comes to Traunstein on Sunday and has nothing to lose. It will be dangerous and we should not think that it is over now.”

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Even if it is not yet clear in which league SB Chiemgau will play in the new season, Jochen Riel is still busy working on the team for the new season. With Jacob Heeball and Yannick Israel (born in 2003), two talents from their Under-19s move to the men’s division.

Emil Ter Stegen, Alessandro Desiti, Mark Kramer and Alexander Dressel from the younger year – that is the 2004er – will train with the guys from the summer, but they are still allowed to play in the U19s. “Let’s see how their development will turn out next,” Riel said.

SpVgg Haidhausen: Perkovic, Höpfinger, Altug (78. Danyo), Ganter (54. Zander), Balci, Bracher, Rauch, Ibishev (48. Toure), Amaral, Omale, tztürk.

S. B. Chiemgau Traunstein: Thomas Unterhuber, Markus Unterhuber, Majdancevic, Probst (Dreßl 65), Opara (Kremer 79), Hrvoic, Kraus, Daniel (Tersteegen 54), Wallisch (Mako 48), Sherifi, Smajlovic (85. Discetti).

Tore: 0:1 Christian Wallisch (7th), 0:2 Mike Opara (9), 0:3 Kenan Smajlovic (13), 1:3 Toni Rauch (56), 1:4 Mark Kremer (89).].

Spectators: 450

Referee: Philip Etenreich (Zosamaltheim).

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