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Scandal at the airport.  Passengers will receive their luggage even within two days.  "Sea of ​​Bags" - Excursions

Scandal at the airport. Passengers will receive their luggage even within two days. “Sea of ​​Bags” – Excursions

Chaos has reigned at many European airports since the beginning of June. Passengers have to take into account even several hours of waiting for their baggage to be checked in or checked in. All because of staff shortages and employee protests. The situation is particularly difficult at UK airports. When the blow collapses, the trip can turn into a real nightmare.

Sea of ​​bags at Heathrow

Tourists who traveled to or from London Heathrow Airport on Friday 17 June found out. Due to a problem with the baggage system, they were unable to travel with their bags. Travelers complained that they had to wait several hours for bags to be collected. The others, who decided to travel empty, were told that they would not receive their belongings until two days later. A video showing a sea of ​​bags was posted on the network. It appears that thousands of suitcases are tightly filling the sidewalk outside the building.

– I’ve never seen anything like this. Airport staff tried to arrange bags next to leaflets in the alphabet that were supposed to match the name of the baggage owner. However, this mission was doomed from the start, Sky News correspondent Deborah Haynes reported.


What did the airport authorities say?

Heathrow airport officials released a statement that the failure had already been fixed and apologized to tourists. “A technical problem has occurred with the baggage system in Terminal 2. It has been resolved. Airport workers are working to deliver baggage to those who had to travel to other cities or countries without their baggage.” The exact number of passengers and flights affected is not yet known.

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