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Schlager Starr: I let the breakup bomb explode – after 30 years of relationship

Pop singer Daniela Alfeneto and ex-husband Domenico are now going their separate ways.

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She is the new star in the sky: Daniela Alfeneto. But in her private life, things don’t go well for the 50-year-old – she has separated from her husband.

Hunger – Daniela Alfinito’s musician is about to take off. Her album “Liebes-Tattoo” was # 1 on the German charts for 21 weeks. With her current album “Splitter aus Glück”, she has now managed to finish first for the third time in a row. But Schagersängerin is not only famous and happy heard in Germany – the singer was also at the top in Austria and Switzerland.

Despite her tremendous success, Daniela Alfeneto still works as a nurse for the elderly

Her main job is Alvinito, daughter of “Amigos” star Bernd Ulrich, but not in recording studios or on stage. She has been working at a senior center for the past 29 years. Because of the pandemic and more unusual appearances than ever before. “I take care of the residents’ daily well-being.” The most important thing is to show people love and respect on a daily basis, “says Najem Schlager. picture. A mission she is passionate about. I have three families: one at home, one at concerts and the other at the senior center. She said two years ago.

The balance between theater and big medium – Daniela Alfinetto loves both

Schlagger star Daniela Alfeneto and her husband divorce – ‘I feel free and happy’

It seems there has been little or no free time in Daniela Alfenito’s life since her musical debut. One of the reasons for her separation from her husband, Domenico, who she has been with for 30 years? Alfinito doesn’t want to go into that. But, she says, “I broke up with my husband – and we are already divorced! I feel free, independent and happy!” Her ex-husband has moved on, too. Daniela Alfeneto now lives alone in an apartment in her parents’ home in Hengen (Hesse). Daniela Alfeneto recently passed Schlager Queen Andrea Berg and put on a TV special with the premiere.

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