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Scores, stats, performance, coffee and the Suns / Jazz duo that never slow down

This is the special gift 2020-21, every morning you can enjoy last night’s recap, for those who were unable to get up, for those who would be lazy to read the summaries, or just for those who would love to reach a goal. That night in the NBA? Un Gary Trent Fire en junior total, on s’est compris, des Lakers qui flexent face à Brooklyn, Joel Embiid et Stephen Curry qui se font plaisir, Enes Kanter qui fait péter un record de franchise et le duo Suns / Jazz qui ne ralentit Start. Come on, recap recapitulation!

– What do we remember

  • The Raptors were denied Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam and Fred Vanfleet, but that didn’t stop them from sticking with a score of 87 to K before halftime and 135 at the end to win the match … no one cared about that.
  • Record for arsonist at night … Gary Trent, Jr., with 44 points in a 17/19 shooting. Excuse.
  • Kings have always maintained the high profile of jazz thanks to the duo De’Aaron Fox / Richaun Men in great shape, but in the end, as is often the case, this demon Donovan Mitchell is still the one who celebrated.
  • Joel Embiid finally played that night and gently hit the thunder, it looks like when you get hit you learn to hit, or something.
  • The Lakers did not come as a victim in Brooklyn. KD rough, Keri is incredible but he’s fired with Dennis Schroeder, and in the end … evangelical workers who do the job of blowing up the super team.
  • Stephen Curry reminded fans of the Rockets that he has a really good wrist.
  • First half to warm up, then knock down the Suns Wizards without Bradley Bell and their best sniper tonight was Raul. At the end of the joke, there is no downfall, except for the witches falling into the ranking.
  • Blazers have easily grabbed the Pistons’ scale, especially thanks to a massive game from Enes Kanter. 24 points, 30 rebounds (a record of excellence), from Nennesee in the text.
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Some memories of the night

Le top pick and TTFL: Gary Trent Jr.

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The top ten: Click here or wait a while


Next Night Meetings:

  • 19h: Hornets-Hawkes
  • 21H: Nuggets – Celtics
  • H1: Cavs Bels
  • H1: Magic Bucks
  • 2h: Nex Raptors
  • 2h: Mavs Tottenham
  • 2h: Grizzlies Pacers
  • 2h: Wolves and Taurus
  • 4H: Clippers Pistons
  • 4H: Blazer-Hit

So much for the sake of summarizing this long night, six hours of NBA and seven intense games in a sheet that you can read with your coffee and a croissant before you go to work, I was a little lucky. Still, it’s time to get some sleep, or not, so … see you soon!