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Secretary of State Ann Lindy travels to Washington

Secretary of State Anne Lindy’s first trip in 2022 will go to the United States. From January 5 to 8, the Secretary of State will visit Washington to meet, among other things, with his American counterparts and discuss Russia’s actions and the situation in and around Ukraine.

The Secretary of State will meet with US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, President Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser, Jonathan Viner, and Ozra Zea, Secretary of State for Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights. In addition, the Secretary of State will meet with think tanks and leading experts to discuss climate and security.

The United States is a very important partner. Anne Linde says that our close cooperation both bilaterally and through the European Union is necessary to preserve the European security system and the stability of our immediate region, as well as to limit the democratic decline in the world and advance important value issues in international forums.

Protecting democracy, human rights, gender equality, civil society, and the rule of law around the world will be a central topic of the Secretary of State’s talks. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will also exchange experiences and results of the Swedish presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe 2021.

The visit to Washington comes as a follow-up to the US Secretary of State’s recent meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Stockholm, in connection with the OSCE Ministerial Council Conference on December 2-3. The trip also comes as a follow-up to President Biden’s Democracy Summit in December 2021, where Sweden has been assigned a prominent role as co-organizer of several events on topics such as gender equality and LGBT rights.

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