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‘Seinfeld’ returns: New TV looks spoil the show’s jokes

All nine seasons of the popular sitcom Seinfeld Recently hit Netflix. Although this move should be celebrated by fans of the ninth series, many of them express it Discontent on social media.

What is the essence of the complaint? Reconverting the original format, which apparently allows for better viewing on new TVs but at the same time leaves many jokes off screen. literally.

The series came out in the early ’90s, and was filmed before HD and sideways stretched televisions came into being. technically speaking, The original aspect ratio was 4:3, but on Netflix it shows in widescreen 16:9. Avoiding two bars on the sides can be aesthetic, but as we have indicated, this re-transformation requires removing some portions of the footage.

Brackets: What is the aspect ratio?

Also known as “Percentage“, is a two-digit (ratio) variable that indicates width and height. For example, 4:3 means the width of the image is four units to each height of three units. It is calculated by dividing the length by the height of the image visible on the screen, and is expressed as ” X: Y”.

Seinfeld Back: Where’s the joke?

For review rolling rock He picked up on the anger (as well as the mockery) from the many fans of the series who took notice Lack of some masks as a result of step 4:3 to 16:9.

One of the most obvious cases is presented in the class the pit. In that episode, Seinfeld and his friend George are searching for some lost keys that fell into a hole that was later paved.

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In one scene, George screams his grief beside that well, which is no longer and where his keys are buried, but that part of the asphalt is not even shown on screen (in 16:9), as you can see above. in the tweet.

Aspect Ratio: Not a New Problem

This problem is not new, not even for her Seinfeld. It happened with many other shows and movies when they were moved from old technology to new technology. Even the series starring the American comedian, which he co-created with Larry David, had the same problem when it was previously available on Hulu.


as you remember Engadget, I heard similar complaints when The Simpsons It reached the Disney platforms. In the move to 16:9, it lost many visual gags and the company finally decided to release seasons that were broadcast in 4:3 in the original format.

Will Netflix do the same next jokes lost in Seinfeld? Certainly, many fans of the series will appreciate it.