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Serial Cleaners - Play Now Show

Serial Cleaners – Play Now Show

The Cleaners series is taking shape, and this year we will see the premiere of this game. The creators decided it was time to let us take a closer look at it again.

Watch the latest gameplay trailer for Serial Cleaners

Serial Cleaners is a continuation of Serial Cleaner, which gave us 3.7 stars out of five possible. In the second part, this simulation of Perfect Housewife in the gangster version will give us much more variety, more colors and more dynamic action. This may translate to a higher rating. The latest trailer for this game is sure to make you believe it. Anyway, see…

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Serial Cleaners – Specialists in Trace Removal

In Serial Cleaners we will play – of course – cleaners, that is, experts in removing traces of various crimes. In addition to a game that requires cunning and ingenuity, the creators also promise a compelling atmosphere straight from the exciting comedy from the end of the last millennium. Since we are with the creators…

Polish studio Draw Distance is working on Serial Cleaners. Unfortunately, he still does not specify exactly when the premiere of his new work can be expected. On Steam, we can read that the debut is planned for 2022, but there are no details about it. Likewise, the list of target platforms has not been confirmed – we only know that it will include both PCs and consoles.

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