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Wielka awaria na kolei. W czwartek nad ranem pojawiły się problemy i duże opóźnienia oraz zmiany w kursowaniu pociągów. Powodem mają być usterki urządzeń sterowania w kilkunastu lokalnych centrach odpowiedzialnych za prowadzenie ruchu kolejowego. W PKP PLK zebrał się sztab kryzysowy. Co ciekawe, podobne problemy pojawiły się dziś na liniach kolejowych w Czechach.

Serious railway collapse. Long delays, changes to the running of trains

Major collapse of the railway. On Thursday morning, there were problems and long delays as well as changes to the running of trains. Presumably, the reason was the malfunctions of the control devices in dozens of local centers responsible for managing railway traffic. The crisis team of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) met. Interestingly, similar problems have arisen today on the railways of the Czech Republic.

The devices are not visible to remote employees, which means that it is not possible to safely set the trains in a certain direction. If this cannot be done, workers directing traffic or devices in places not visible to workers will be secured. – said in an interview with RMF FM, PKP Polskie spokesperson Linie Kolejowe Mirosław Siemieniec.

“Today, Thursday, March 17, at approximately 4.00, there were rail network malfunctions in several local control centers responsible for managing railway traffic. The case requires securing equipment in the field and additional activities for staff. The official announcement stated. .

The problems started in the morning. relationship train Warsaw Gdynia He already has more than 200 minutes delay, Krakow-Swaki – 140 minutes, ód Warsaw – 122 minutes.

at the station Katowice Even the Koleje Śląskie and Polregio trains were delayed up to 120 minutes. in Warsaw At the Central Station, the Intercity Neptun train is delayed by 86 minutes before 7 am, and Uznam from Świnoujście – 147 minutes late. There is also no control center in Krakow and other cities.

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Some trains may be canceled and, where possible, alternative bus service or rerouting of trains are offered.

According to the announcement of the Director of Infrastructure, a special team consisting of representatives of the PKP PLK and transport companies is already working to organize the movement of trains on an ongoing basis, and information is provided about the current situation at stations and stations.

The Local Control Center (LCS) is where employees start rail traffic using computer systems at stations and lines ranging from several to tens of kilometers away.