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Fun for train lovers!  An open-air railway museum is being created in Lower Silesia

Fun for train lovers! An open-air railway museum is being created in Lower Silesia

The refurbished electric locomotive ET21-548 is another vehicle that can be seen at the railway station in Legnica. Koleje Dolnoląskie authorities encourage railway enthusiasts to see two cars stationed at the company’s headquarters, and also hope that along with the development of the collection, an open-air railway museum will soon be established at the company’s headquarters.

The electric locomotive ET21-548 was refurbished thanks to the cooperation of PKP Cargo and Koleje Dolnośląskie. This is the second historical machine that can be seen on the siding of the railway line in Legnica. However, this is not the end of the good news for rail fans. Five more vintage cars awaiting refurbishment.

– I am pleased that Koleje Dolnośląskie’s cooperation with PKP Cargo in the field of railroad salvage has taken its place. The forgotten darija has been deteriorating for years. With us he will have a real retirement age and will be admired. We want to continue this project, and there are more historic machines waiting to be renovated. Seeing the passion and commitment of my colleagues at PKP Cargo, I believe we will create a museum in Legnica that will not only satisfy railway enthusiasts – he says Bartomiej Rodakspokesperson for Koleje Dolnośląskie.

Dolnośląski Zakład PKP Cargo SA employees were responsible for the repair of the electric locomotive Sebastian Dercacz, Łukasz Wetler me Marcel Dorbago. It took about 5 months to renew the electric locomotive. Only 75 liters of paint were used to paint the car. Enthusiasts usually work after business hours. The work was financially supported by Koleje Dolnośląskie.

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We brought the locomotives with our friends because we want to keep them for future generations. Among them, there are real jewels, the last machines in Poland before modernization, in the original schemes – he says Łukasz Welter, Train driver in the Transport and Operations division of PKP Cargo in Legnica.