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Shunghla Mashwani disappeared into the wild – found

Shunghla Mashwani disappeared into the wild – found

Ten-year-old Shungla Mishwani ran away from her parents and other relatives during a trek in an isolated wilderness area in the northwestern US state of Washington, reports say. Fox Channel 13.

The girl disappeared after crossing a footbridge. Then Shunghla decided to play alone in the woods, whereupon she got lost. Twenty of her relatives searched extensively for the girl, but she was not found.

There was also no mobile coverage in the area.

The family then met a person living in a nearby hut who gave them access to a satellite phone so they could call 112 and ask for help from outside.

Only a day later the ten-year-old was found alive.

Here, the ten-year-old was reunited with his family.

picture: Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office

Then Shungla said she never found her way to the footbridge but still kept her composure.

– I remember it was a forest, I was lost and tired, but I wasn’t afraid, says Shongla through an interpreter on the TV channel Fox 13.

Then Shunghla found himself in what is described as a thick forest with dense undergrowth and difficult terrain. She then decided to follow a river, and then spent the chilly night between two trees, according to local police.

– She turned out to be an extraordinarily resourceful and tenacious young woman of about 10, says a police spokesman Fox 13.

Here, in the wilderness, Shunghla has disappeared.

picture: Fox 13

Shunghla was found 2.5 kilometers from where she disappeared. She had some minor scrapes but was alive and in good spirits, at which point she was reunited with her family.

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– It was incredible that we found her alive, because it was cold and there were animals. I am proud to have a daughter like her,” says Shungla’s uncle Izhar Mishwani on behalf of the father Fox 13.

– We’re really grateful, we really appreciate it, he continues.

Shunghla Mashwani after being found alive.

picture: Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office

Shunghla was taken to safety by boat on the river.

picture: Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office